Songs of March (Maaliskuun lauluja, 1896)


One evening I was walking a path on the moor,
I gathered flowering heather, a bunch of four.

The night was magical and the wind was sleeping,
the heather fragrant, the cuckoo was calling.

But then suddenly my heart filled with tears –
memories flew me back to my youth-time years.

Watching the heather in my hand, thick and fair,
I suddenly remembered my maiden’s hair.

To the ditch the beautiful heather I tossed,
like the joys of my life in the soil I lost.



Early morning’s wave is singing brightly
when it loudly splashing shoreline beats,
aspen leaves there flutter jubilantly,
free of stress of mankind’s daily needs.|
Ladybug her sorrows alone singing,
longing, her own lovely darling yearns.

So did I, like brightest morning waves,
then like happy children, I was singing,
playing games like shoreline’s aspen leaves,
I then played there, singing, loving, dancing.

Ladybug, I lost my gayety,
from you I got this pious melody.



The whole forest is ringing with singing,
it’s love in the mating season,
so jubilant the chaffinch and bunting
as having lost their reason.

But from one tree the birds shy away,
abhorring, I don’t know why –
there, unhappy me, I sit all day,
my worries I sigh and sigh.


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